HISTORY: One of the first of its kind in South Dakota

Delta Trust was created in 1992 by the lineal descendants of James Ford Bell (a leading figure in the American flour milling industry, a dedicated philanthropist and founder of General Mills, Inc.), to administer the trusts established by Mr. Bell for his grandchildren. The State of South Dakota issued a state bank charter and Delta Trust began operations utilizing the trust powers granted under the Charter. Delta Trust continues today (following conversion of its bank charter to a South Dakota trust company charter), administering the multi-generational Bell Family Trusts. Currently, the Bell Family descendants live throughout the United States.

The Bell family created Delta Trust Company of South Dakota, Inc. for a number of reasons. While the economic benefit received for the situs of trusts in South Dakota was one of the main reasons, the family also wanted an organization that would provide close personal attention, continuity of staff and the personal touch that is so important in trust administration. Delta Trust Company of South Dakota, Inc. was one of the first organizations created for the purpose of managing (or domiciling) family trusts in South Dakota.

In recent time, Delta Trust Company of South Dakota, Inc. and the Bell Family have decided to provide its services to a select and limited number of clients. Part of the intent of the limitation is to preserve the uniqueness of the organization and to continue to provide the undivided attention in the administration of trust accounts.

The trust business is and always will be a personal service business.

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Delta Trust Company of South Dakota, Inc.

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Delta Trust

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