South Dakota Trust Benefits

Delta Trust Company of South Dakota, Inc.The State of South Dakota has developed the reputation of being the number one trust jurisdiction in the nation (Trust and Estates Magazine – January 2007, reconfirmed in January 2012) for several reasons:

  1. The State of South Dakota does not impose any form of taxation on trusts; no state income tax, no state dividend or interest tax, no state capital gains tax or other intangible tax.

  2. South Dakota has no limit on the life of a trust. Trusts can exist in perpetuity. There is no requirement that trusts must terminate within a specified period of time.

  3. South Dakota has and continues to update and modernize its laws to allow for unique/modern trust administration advantages.

  4. South Dakota has enacted specific statutes for “asset protection trusts”. The statutes offer substantial protection from creditors of trust beneficiaries.

  5. The privacy of trusts administered in South Dakota is a very important priority. Trusts do not have to be filed publicly and therefore, the privacy of a trust is maintained.

  6. South Dakota has a very low insurance premium tax; therefore, trusts utilizing insurance benefit greatly.

The above list summarizes some of the major advantages; however, there are many other intangible benefits that are available in South Dakota, including a very talented and dedicated work force.

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